This is the starting point. An abundance, rather than scarcity, mindset is imperative during this stage because it shapes subsequent actions. Examine your family values and formulate an overarching vision. Your past isn’t a script for your future.  


Once you’ve established a strong foundation, you’re ready to move into goal-setting. Close your eyes and imagine what life looks like one, three, or five years down the road. Next, design 5 to 8 goals to support that ideal life.


The financial advice industry is filled with technical jargon and tactics to build financial net worth. Just remember your worth isn’t measured by a number on your balance sheet. Develop useful habits to build wealth with these practical tactics.


Individual goals and tactics are crucial to build and maintain wealth. However, they’re a little bit selfish. During the legacy stage, focus on others and the impact you can have. Go for broke and redefine what it really means to be wealthy.

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