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4 ways to ease tax season stress

A new year is wonderful because it signifies a fresh start.  Then reality sets in.  Tax documents appear in your physical mailbox and email inbox.  If you’ve worked with a tax preparer in the past, you may receive an engagement letter this month.  You’re not the only one who is anxious about this upcoming tax season.  Here are four strategies to ease your tax anxiety.

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Are healthcare sharing plans worth while?

It’s no joke that health insurance premiums and deductibles continue to rise at an unprecedented rate.  For those of you fortunate enough to have employer-provided coverage, congratulations!  Even a mediocre employer-sponsored plan typically offers lower premiums and better coverage than plans you find on the individual exchange. 

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How to pay for private schooling

A moment of absolute peace.  The beauty of this historical church.  The sun as it speckled through intricate stained glass windows.  Attention to exquisite detail.  God’s divine presence.  I breathed in calmly.  Standing inside La Basilica de Sagrada Familia in Barcelona for the first time is ingrained in my heart…

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