Living richly isn’t just for the rich.

Redefining family wealth helps you Live
purposefully and abundantly.


“Money is only one measure of wealth.”

What you’ll find here

Transparency. Author and creator of Redefining Family Wealth, Deb Meyer, is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner® and CPA who believes honesty is the best policy.

Positivity. Operating from an abundance, not scarcity, mindset can be a freeing experience. Real progress is much more difficult if you let self-limiting beliefs run your life.

Resources that will actually help you. Deb is taking her 10+ years of wealth management experience to write and teach financial planning topics to faith-filled families.



What you’ll find between the covers of

Redefining Family Wealth:
A Parent’s Guide To Purposeful Living

Your mindset has incredible power over your actions. You must be open and willing to pursue a path less-traveled.
— Chapter 1
We can have the best laid plans. But if we aren’t open to following God’s will, we aren’t really fulfilling our purpose in life as Christians.
— Chapter 2
Living richly means taking all that is given to us and using it for good. It’s leaving the world better off than when you came into it.
— Chapter 10






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