Living richly isn’t reserved for the rich.

Redefining family wealth helps parents Live
purposefully and abundantly.


“Money is only one measure of wealth.”

Here you’ll find:

Transparency. Author and creator of Redefining Family Wealth, Deb Meyer, is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner® and CPA who believes honesty is the best policy.

Positivity. Operating from an abundance, not scarcity, mindset can be a freeing experience. Real progress is much more difficult if you let self-limiting beliefs run your life.

Resources that will actually help you. Deb is taking her 10+ years of wealth management experience to write and teach financial planning topics to faith-filled families.



What you’ll find between the covers of

Redefining Family Wealth:
A Parent’s Guide To Purposeful Living

Your mindset has incredible power over your actions. You must be open and willing to pursue a path less-traveled.
— Chapter 1
We can have the best laid plans. But if we aren’t open to following God’s will, we aren’t really fulfilling our purpose in life as Christians.
— Chapter 2
Living richly means taking all that is given to us and using it for good. It’s leaving the world better off than when you came into it.
— Chapter 10






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